Alyn launches "Brexit Bulletin"

Alyn Smith MEP has today (Friday) launched a new service to constituents, a Brexit Bulletin of the latest events on the twists and turns as Brexit, whatever Brexit is, rolls forward.  The Bulletin will be sent out to constituents and published each Friday with a series of stories and facts from around the continent, especially to inform the Brexit debate in Scotland.  Anyone can register to receive it at

Alyn said:

"We live in troubled times, and there are a lot of anxious people out there.  Many have been contacting me to ask what on earth is going on, so from now on in I will produce a weekly update on events.  It will not be exhaustive, but I hope it will go a way to keep people in Scotland informed about what is going on.  We will also keep the resource updated, it has never been more important to know how Scotland, and indeed the UK, in Europe works.

"Until such time as we are no longer part of the EU, I remain a Member of the European Parliament and I have a job to do.  It has of course rather changed lately, and I interpret an important part of that job as keeping people informed of what is happening.  I was proud that five out of Scotland's six MEPs have committed ourselves to work together to get the best deal we can for the people we represent whatever the future holds. 

"Brexit, whatever is going to happen, will move fast, and it is important to remain informed of what is going on.  I hope the email bulletin is helpful and accessible."

The text of today's bulletin is below:

Brexit bulletin: 29th July 2016

Michel Barnier will represent the European Commission in the upcoming Brexit talks. He is one of France’s most experienced politicians on Europe and was in charge of the Commission’s daunting task of regulating financial services after the 2008 crisis. In the past he oversaw Europe’s regional development policy which played an important role in many parts of Scotland, and was France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment.
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Scotland’s future in the EU: speech to IPPR Scotland, by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, you can read the full speech below: 
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Milan, Barcelona and Madrid are already campaigning to get London’s European agencies after Brexit:
the Italian PM has set a taskforce to host some of Europe’s most important agencies currently based in London, the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority, as the latter’s chief has urged the EU to decide “as quickly as possible” on their relocation outside of the UK:
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Brexit talks will be much more complicated than British politicians believe: here is an interesting take at what this could entail, from the Center for European Reform “Theresa May and her six-pack of difficult deals” 

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Scotland and the European Union: the European Policy Center, one of Brussels’ leading thing tanks, sets out the main challenges ahead for Scotland and the EU, in a four-page policy brief by Graham Avery – there may be strong support from Europe as Alyn Smith’s standing ovation at the European Parliament showed, yet the road ahead needs some careful attention:
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Some out-of-the-box readings can come in handy nowadays: In the Irish Times, Fintan O’Toole argues for a Three-state union made of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland as –highly hypothetical- answers to Brexit

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