Alyn in Parliament

The European Parliament currently comprises of 751 MEPs who represent the length and breadth of Europe. My most visible work takes place in either formal committee meetings or in the Parliament itself when it sits in Strasbourg or Brussels. As you can imagine, the number of MEPs means that when we do get to speak we don't normally get to do so for very long.

I speak on issues affecting Scotland and on more wide-ranging reports of the European Parliament. These are written to question the European Commission or Presidency about policy, topical issues or international affairs. My latest are available here. Videos of all my Plenary speeches are available on the "in Parliament" playlist of my YouTube channel (below).

Much of my work takes place outside of the parliamentary chamber but even within its confines I do far more than make speeches. I regularly contribute to motions that are voted upon by my colleagues and submit written questions. I also take advantage of being allowed to write a contribution directly into the minutes of a debate once every session. I do this when I am unable to speak on an issue relevant to Scotland due to speaking time constraints. I also submit a written statement explaining why I voted the way I did if the motion is particularly contentious.

I regularly ask direct questions to the Council and Commission, more details of these can be found here.

Finally, written declarations allow MEPs to make statements on issues that are important to us and our constituents. If at least half of the Parliament's MEPs sign up to support a declaration it becomes an official statement from the Parliament and is sent to the other EU institutions for consideration. All of these and the written record of my speeches are listed at the bottom of this page.