Alyn hosts major ocean energy event in Brussels

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed a number of key players from the ocean energy sector to the European Parliament.

Alyn hosted an event at the European Parliament to launch the European Ocean Energy Association's Vision Paper for the sector and kick-off their new campaign for ocean energy support. The event was attended by a number of international companies and trade associations, including RenewableUK, along with influential Members of the European Parliament's powerful Energy Committee and European Commission staff.

The Vision Paper reflects the strategic priorities of the European Ocean Energy Association's members for commercialising the Ocean Energy sector. It sets out an action plan for all stakeholders to work together to build a thriving European ocean energy sector which maximises the energy security benefits and job creation in EU Member States in the process.  

Speaking in Brussels after the event, Alyn said:

"The European Ocean Energy Association has been working extremely hard for the sector and I'm delighted to be able to play a small part in helping them today.

"Ocean energy offers a massive opportunity for us. I was amazed to find out that 0.1% of the energy in ocean waves could be capable of supplying the entire world's energy requirements five times over. As a clean source of renewable energy, our oceans have a huge role to play in contributing to Europe’s renewable energy mix.  
"This is a growing industry with massive potential but we must work together towards a common agenda in order to see the ocean energy sector thrive and become a mainstream renewable energy supplier in the future. That is exactly what the Vision Paper sets out to do and I look forward to working with the sector to make this a reality.

"Scotland is well-known in Europe for its advances in renewable energy, especially ocean energy where we are leading the way. Our conditions make Scotland the ideal location for investment in ocean energy and, as a result, we have more wave and tidal energy devices being developed and tested than anywhere else in the world. It makes sense for Scotland to be at the heart of ocean energy development and I will be doing all I can to help the sector reach that crucial market-ready stage."

Dr. Sian George, CEO of the European Ocean Energy Association, said:

"Alyn Smith has long been a champion of Ocean Energy in Europe. Today he demonstrated his continued support by hosting the launch of the industry’s Vision Paper 2013 in the European Parliament. 

"With the entry of large industrial companies and utilities in recent years, the sector has secured over €600m in investment and delivered real technical progress in the last 7 years. Today the industry announced its intention to set up an Ocean Energy Hub and invited colleagues from the Commission and the European Investment Bank to join us in putting together a common strategy aimed at wholesale market-rollout by 2025. 

"By working to a common plan the public and the private sectors can share risk and get far better results in the future. The goal is to harness Europe’s untapped ocean energy resources and deliver jobs, export revenue and up to 100GW of renewable ocean energy by 2050."