Alyn backs Parliament's call for Kyrgyzstan to reject 'gay propaganda' bill

The European Parliament has urged Kyrgyzstan to dismiss a controversial new bill that would censor information on LGBTI issues. Alyn, a strong voice in defence of LGBTI rights, has voiced his support.

In a reflection of Russia’s ‘anti homosexual propaganda’ law, the Kyrgyz bill would punish the dissemination of information “aimed at forming positive attitudes toward non-traditional sexual relations” with up to a year’s imprisonment.

Alyn, a member of the European Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup, said:

“Anti-LGBTI legislation is on the increase, which I've already said has disastrous results such as deterring people from being tested for HIV out of genuine fear of being prosecuted and branded as a criminal. 

“The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has been very clear in its recommendation that Kyrgyzstan should combat all forms of discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

“I’m proud to say that the European Parliament has been unequivocal in its support for these recommendations, and I absolutely back the call for the Kyrgyz Parliament to reject this bill.” 

Ulrike Lunacek MEP, Co-President of the LGBTI Intergroup and co-author of the resolution, said:

"If this bill is passed, anyone who speaks positively about LGBTI issues can be imprisoned. This is an attack on the freedom of expression, the freedom of assembly and the right to non-discrimination for the Kyrgyz people, in particular LGBTI people.

"If the Kyrgyz parliament is serious about its constitution which protects human and civil rights, it should reject this bill."