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Aberdeen finalist for €10,000 EU award

Aberdeen is one of three areas to be shortlisted for the SUMP Award for excellence in sustainable urban mobility plans, and is competing for the €10,000 prize to support local activities. 

The city is in the final three for its plans to address social, integration, safety, environmental and economic objectives through a focus on sustainable transport.

Commenting, Alyn Smith MEP said:

“Aberdeen has some significant problems in relation to air quality and that affects the health and life quality of everyone who lives and works in the city which, in turn, has serious social and economic effects.

“That’s why I’m so pleased to see that there are moves afoot to improve the situation and that the plans have been recognised to be valid and worthwhile by the European Commission.  That has to be a pat on the back for everyone who has contributed, and there will hopefully be more to come.

“There were 29 entries from 12 European countries for this award and Aberdeen has made it into the final three – that shows that there is substance to the Aberdonian plans.  It’s a face-off now between Aberdeen, Toulouse in France and Ljutomer in Slovenia for the final prize.

“Fingers crossed for the final but we can be confident that, whatever happens, Aberdeen will be a winner when its SUMP plans deliver real and long-lasting benefits.”