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A Fair Deal For Charities

Alyn Welcomes Cutting Of Red Tape For Third Sector

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed new European rules which would make it easier for charities to win public sector contracts.

The proposed directive on public procurement modernises and simplifies European Union Commissioning laws.

Alyn said:

"This is good news for the third sector: it should make life a lot easier for charities hoping to secure contracts - it gives them a chance to get into bidding positions that they've so far been excluded from.

"The idea is that public bodies will break down contracts so that small organisations can bid for them, it means that smaller charities are not squeezed out just because they're not big enough to take on the big contracts that are on offer. Charities will be able to demand explanations if the contracts aren't put out to tender in manageable chunks.

"It will also reduce the documentation needed by smaller organisations to bid for contracts successfully, relieving the administrative burden on the charities and it will encourage public bodies to consider the social impact of organisations that bid for contracts and the effects of granting the contract.

"The rules have still to be approved by the European Parliament and ministers, but I can't see anybody objecting to what is a sensible change and it will apply to all EU member states. I'm pleased to see this happening - it's a fair deal for charities, a real cutting of red tape, and I'm delighted to see public procurement rules changing for the better."

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