'Progress is not inevitable' Alyn warns WorldPride meeting

Alyn Smith MEP has called for cross-community solidarity to guard Equalities and maintain Rights against “populists and hatemongers mobilising against us” during the Interparliamentary Plenary Session at World Pride in Madrid. 

 WorldPride Madrid 2017

Thursday's Plenary Session brought together elected representatives of all levels, ages, genders, races and political families from around the world who identify as LGBTQI or are dedicated allies, to explore a way to advance towards equality for LGBTQI people and defend such rights as already exist.

Alyn, a member of the European Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup, said:

“Progress is not inevitable, and it needn’t be permanent unless we are vigilant, and vocal, and support each other.

“Brexit has unleashed a wave of hate within our public life, within our streets. Against our community, LGBTQI hate crimes are up since the Brexit vote 147% in the United Kingdom.

“Learn from our experience. Progress is not ‘safe.’

“Friends, there are forces who are mobilising against us, and want to cut not just our rights but the rights of other people too. We need to make solidarity real – across borders but also across communities.

“Populists and hatemongers are feeling confident across the world, many in elected office. We must mobilise. This is not a luxury project – this is a necessity for our community.”

The text of Alyn's speech is available here and his Sunday Herald piece here