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Commission finally making waves on ocean energy

The tide of advance in ocean energy got a boost from the European Commission today with a new action plan for Europe.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith welcomed the news, saying:

"It's good to see the Commission finally giving ocean energy the attention it deserves.

"The potential of this industry is huge; just 0.02% of the energy in ocean waves could supply the entire world's energy requirements, and Scotland is the ideal location for ocean energy.

"We're leading the way on ocean energy exploitation and the plan from the Commission will allow it to stay that way.
"I've been working with the trade bodies to put ocean energy on the Commission's radar and see it included in the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan. While that might take some time to achieve, the hard work is slowly but surely paying off.

"As a clean source of renewable energy, our oceans have a huge role to play in contributing to Europe’s renewable energy mix. With at least 40,000 jobs up for grabs, the time for investment is definitely now."