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  • Scotland in Europe Update: 15 June 2018

    Events have become increasingly surreal, and like Alice in Wonderland I wonder when something resembling common sense and normality will return. I am still trying to work out which of the current crop of UK Government ministers are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. This week MPs rejected an amendment to have a meaningful say on the final deal and rejected another to stay in the Single Market. Whatever the referendum was about, it was not a mandate to strip democracy from the UK or to destroy our economy. MPs must have a meaningful vote, i.e. not simply the UK Government’s ‘deal or no deal’, for there to be any chance of reasonable compromise emerging. The Tory rebels who failed to rebel are now claiming they were misled by Theresa May. Hopefully they have learned and will have the courage of their convictions in future.
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  • Scotland in Europe Update 8th June 2018

    We need to stop Brexit. Scotland voted against it, across every counting region, even after a rubbish and lacklustre UK-wide Remain campaign. Almost two years later, it is clear to anyone with any wit to look that there’s no good news in it for our society nor our economy. There’s no good news for the fish catching sector because EU market access is essential for our product, and the processing and aquaculture sectors face a doomsday scenario. Peace in Northern Ireland is under serious threat. EU nationals – new Scots – feel anxious in our society. Brexit is being used as a pretext to rip up the devolution settlement, neutering our national Parliament for years to come – if not forever. I also, to be frank, do not see any scenario in which Brexit will make independence for Scotland more likely. Quite the reverse. I think as people experience the economic chaos Brexit will bring, they’ll stick to as much certainty as possible, even if it is the certainty of shared disaster.
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  • Scotland in Europe Update: 1st June 2018

    Yesterday, the Trump administration announced new duties on steel and aluminium imports from the European Union, Canada, and Mexico. As Cecilia Malmström, the European Trade Commissioner said, “today is a bad day for world trade.” The EU will respond and has already notified the WTO that it intends to levy duties on $7.2 billion worth of US exports in response. You can read more and see the WTO notification Rest assured, so long as Scotland is in the EU, the Commission will stand up for our interests. Protecting as much as is legally possible the vital industries and jobs that are under threat from Trump’s dangerous adventures.
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  • European Parliament passes EU-UK future trade guidelines

    Today the European Parliament approved a position on the future EU-UK relationship by 554 votes to 110 with 51 abstentions. The resolution sets out Parliament’s input ahead of 22-23 March summit of EU Council when it is expected that guidelines for negotiations on the UK’s future relationship with the EU will be approved. Any deal with the UK will require the approval of the European Parliament.
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  • Scots food produce at risk of Brexit labour shortages

    SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith has today (Monday) reacted with concern to findings published by NFU Scotland that conclusively prove the scale of the crisis facing Scots farmers due to Brexit uncertainty.
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  • Statement on Citizens' Rights

    I believe it is utterly wrong for people to be placed in a situation where - after making a home, enriching a community, and contributing to society - they are now facing this awful uncertainty. The European Commission has produced the following 23-page memo on citizens' rights, which I believe may be of interest.
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  • We must work together to correct harmful immigration falsehoods

    IN the last few months I’ve grown really weary of unthinking tribalism in Scottish politics. Like many SNP types, I started my political journey identifying most closely with the Labour Party. I never joined the party, as my time in Brussels and London that crystallised my view that Scotland could be better independent, but I still rejoiced at the 1997 election when Tony Blair’s Labour swept away the Tories. I joined the SNP the week after. It turns out 20 years is a long time in politics! But I say all that to prove that I’m up for coalitions.  First published in The National, 2 August 2017
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  • Credit where it’s due – it’s EU that has ended mobile roaming charges

    ONE of the few good news stories to emerge from the UK’s decision to leave the EU is that people have started to engage with European politics in a more active way. I admit this is ironic but it means that for the first time people are aware of developments in the EU beyond that being covered by the major news outlets. First published in The National, 28 June 2017
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  • European Parliament Recognises Scotland’s Remain Vote

    Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament and Joan McAlpine, SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament have today welcomed the draft European Parliament resolution which will form the basis of the first official response to the triggering of Article 50 by the UK government.
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  • Alyn urges Scottish applications for EU animal welfare board

    In a move set to promote animal welfare throughout the EU, the European Commission has today (Tuesday) created a dedicated animal welfare platform. 
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