Scottish Leave voter consultation

There are 16 questions in this survey, it should take around 5-10 minutes to complete. 

Responses will be kept confidential and used only by Alyn Smith and his office in his capacity as Member of the European Parliament. You can learn more here.

This survey is for Scottish residents, data from elsewhere will be deleted. If you live elsewhere please use the European Parliament website to find your MEP and get in touch with them.

It is clear that the European Question is going to be the defining attribute of politics in these islands for the months and years ahead. It is important to get it right, and where Scotland voted unanimously across each local authority area to remain, we must remember it was not unanimous. I’m not going to write off or ignore 38% of the vote, not least when the Brexit process has not even begun to start. We are committed to get the best deal possible for Scotland in whatever Scotland’s future brings. I don’t dismiss any possibility, and I don’t dismiss the idea too that, even within the chaos, there might be opportunities for us to grasp.

Brexit is a huge unknown. I campaigned to remain in the EU because I am convinced it is the best option for Scotland short of independence in Europe. But it is not the only option. Right now, things are so much in flux that nobody can see all the possible outcomes. As ever, we will do what is best for Scotland.

I think there were a number of reasons why people voted Leave, but I want to actually hear from Leave voters, not second guess them. As the reality of Brexit emerges I want to maintain a dialogue.

As a democrat, I respect Leave voters, and have commenced this consultation to see how people are thinking. I believe that there is common ground - and a desire to do what is best for Scotland - on all sides. I hope that Leave voters will engage in the spirit I intend.

Overall, which political party do you most closely identify with?