Foreign Affairs

I am a full member of the European Parliament's prestigious Committee for Foreign Affairs, which sees me working on wide-reaching issues between EU and non-EU countries. I am also a full member of both the Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula, and the Delegation for relations with Iraq - an ideal role for the Glasgow boy who grew up in Saudi Arabia.


This week, by a majority of 8:3, the Supreme Court found that the UK Government cannot trigger Article 50 without an Act of the UK Parliament. However, it was not all good news since although the UK Government lost the case the Court also concluded that they do not need to consult the devolved legislators such as the Scottish Parliament.

This is the cold reality of the UK constitution where power devolved is power retained. It also graphically illustrates that the so called "partnership of equals” described in 2014 is just political fluff. The full judgment of the court is available from here:

In response to this the UK Government has put forward a Bill to allow them to initiate article 50. 

It is pitifully short and vague. In my opinion it isn't a Bill, it is a blank cheque to the Tories. 

Reaching out to our European friends and explaining our proposition to keep Scotland in the Single Market is crucial. As part of this I delivered a lecture to the College of Europe in Warsaw. I lived in Poland in the nineties, when it was not a member of the European Union, and I know what Europe means to Poland. These were fascinating times and, in the same spirit, I want Scotland to remain in our family of European nations because we are better off.

Liam Fox quietly confessed this week that he intends to try and keep the EU’s WTO schedules.  This means we will continue to have the same tariffs and quotas - so it's understandable why the Leave advocates want to keep this news quiet!

MEP Alyn Smith of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has expressed his grave concerns over the recent harassment, arrest and detention of thousands of opposition voices in Turkey including dozens of opposition MPs, amongst which Kurdish HDP Co-Chair Ms. Figen Yüksekdağ who met him in Scotland last year.

This week I have been back in Strasbourg for a plenary session and got a lot of good work done. It was great to be back at the centre of Europe, working with MEPs from across the continent to deliver on the big challenges we all face.

The European Parliament’s resolution on EU-Iran relations was passed which marks a significant step forward in our approach to the middle east. You’ll be able to read more of my thoughts in my National column next Tuesday.

I'm grateful for the support I received in the SNP Depute selection. While I’m disappointed not to have won the role the work goes on. I have a job to do for the party and for Scotland, a job I asked for and a job that is more important than ever.


First published in The National, 6 September 2016

It's business as usual at SNP Conference right now, with the First Minister promising that the SNP will be working hard to find ways to keep Scotland in the Single Market. The UK Government has made it clear that there's no plan beyond hard-line rhetoric, so the Scottish Government will be setting out a plan for Scotland. A hard Brexit will change the UK, and Scotland deserves the right to choose its best future. Click here to read the First Minister's speech in full.

Scottish MEP Alyn Smith has voted today (Tuesday) to oppose and restrict the trade of goods used for torture and capital punishment. 

This week there was even more confirmation that the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) really is at death's door. On Monday the Commission conceded that it had still to successfully negotiate even one of the proposed twenty four chapters of TTIP (mentioned at 1 min 50 secs):

Scottish MEP Alyn Smith has cautiously welcomed FIFA’s reply on Israeli settlement clubs, after he led a joint call from 66 Members of the European Parliament across all political groups, urging FIFA to ban Israel’s illegal settlement clubs.

Contributing to the annual EU State of the Union debate in Strasbourg today, SNP MEP Alyn Smith slammed the deeply dishonest Leave campaign in the UK, and appealed to European colleagues for time while the implications of what Brexit actually means are worked out.