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  • Scotland in Europe update: December 2nd 2016

    It has been a busy week and that means a bumper newsletter. Nicola Sturgeon visited Ireland to build alliances, some companies began to put in place their plans to face Brexit and more European politicians expressed their frustration with the UK government's lack of a plan.
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  • Belgium's Mannekin Pis 'is a true Scotsman!'

    To celebrate St Andrew's Day, Belgium's much-loved Mannekin Pis statue in Brussels has been decked out in a custom kilt outfit made from a specially-designed "Scotland in Europe" tartan. The design was a result of a competition run by Scottish Member of the European Parliament Mr Alyn Smith some years ago, and will be on display all day today.
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  • MEP backs €1.5 million in EU funding available for Scotland’s coasts

    SNP MEP Alyn Smith has urged Scots to take advantage of a new €1.5 million fund made available by the European Commission for linking nautical routes across Europe. 
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  • Scotland in Europe update: November 25th 2016

    Welcome to this week's update, part of my efforts to keep you informed about events in Europe. Another busy week on the diplomatic front as Michael Russell, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe, launched a publication about Scotland’s extensive historical engagement with Europe and its present democratic and constitutional position in relation to the UK, Europe and Brexit.
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  • Alyn Smith welcomes EU action on conflict minerals

    Scottish MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed unprecedented rules to tackle the use of conflict minerals in common household goods. As the world’s largest market, European consumers have expressed frustration over everyday items, such as smart phones and computers, whose products partly come from war-torn countries.
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  • Scotland in Europe update: November 18th 2016

    A week of leaked memos, rumours of chaos, experts pointing out that the Civil Service isn’t ready to take on Brexit and Boris Johnson making a fool of himself. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, I hear you cry. I wish I could disagree.
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  • Turkey's silencing of opposition MPs "unacceptable" says Alyn

    MEP Alyn Smith of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has expressed his grave concerns over the recent harassment, arrest and detention of thousands of opposition voices in Turkey including dozens of opposition MPs, amongst which Kurdish HDP Co-Chair Ms. Figen Yüksekdağ who met him in Scotland last year.
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  • Standing ovation for Alyn at the German Greens conference

    Alyn Smith SNP MEP was invited to address the German Green Party conference in Muenster this month. Following a stirring speech in German, he received a standing ovation in support of his message of co-operation, solidarity and Europe. Read on for a translation and the full video: 
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  • Scotland in Europe update: November 4th 2016

    Well it has been a busy week where the headline was expected to be that Theresa May met with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker this morning ( However, this has been overshadowed by the English High Court Judgement stating that the initiation of Article 50 will require the assent of the House of Commons and House of Lords. This is not necessarily the end of it as the UK Government will certainly appeal to the Supreme Court, but if it stands it will certainly change the terms of the negotiation.
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  • European Parliament action on trans fats welcomed by SNP

    Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament, today welcomed the passing of a resolution calling for the Commission to establish, as soon as possible, an EU wide legal limit on industrial trans fats or trans fatty acids (TFAs).
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