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  • Protect our tartan!

    Locally manufactured goods and handicraft products should be given EU-wide protection, declared MEPs in Strasbourg today.   
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  • European Judges consistency exposes failure of Eurosceptics to respect human rights

    SNP Alyn Smith, Member of the European Parliament, today welcomed a judgment from the European Court of Justice (the highest court of the EU).
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  • MEP Alyn pushes LGBT decriminalisation in Tunisia

    "Tunisia can take a real lead and join the mainstream." SNP Member of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Alyn Smith and MEP colleagues German Green Barbara Lochbihler and Swedish Green Bodil Valero have, in Tunis, delivered a letter to the Tunisian Justice Minister Mohamed Ali Ben Aissa urging the immediate release of "Marwan" a 22 year old man sentenced to a year in jail after an anal exam which judges ruled "proved" his criminal sexuality, illegal under Tunisian law.
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  • Half of EU will ban GM field cultivation

    As the deadline approaches for EU governments to declare that they wish to opt out of GM cultivation in their territories, half of EU countries have now requested such an exemption, including Scotland, Germany and France.
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  • Catalunya: The people will decide

    AS I write this in a pavement café in Barcelona’s Old Town, memories of the energy and energising sense of possibility crackling around Scotland last September have made my eyes a wee bit misty. I had not even arrived in Catalunya but my excitement was building. At Charles de Gaulle airport, waiting for the Barcelona flight, the couple next to me were having a heated, but friendly exchange. Their neighbours soon joined in, and I’m not sure if my linguistic skills mislead me but I’m sure I detected a certain flirty tone too in among the banter. They swapped numbers as we were called to board. First published in The Sunday Herald 27 September 2015
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  • 'Dirty tricks' alleged over Catalunya in EU Commission

    Alyn Smith MEP, who is heading to Catalunya on an observation mission for the elections this coming Sunday, has written to President Jean-Claude Juncker seeking urgent clarification into an alleged dirty tricks incident whereby the Spanish version of the Commission’s answer to a Parliamentary Question on Catalan independence differed considerably from the original approved English version.
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  • Strong support for Scottish stance on GMOs continues as Lithuania bans cultivation

    Alyn Smith, Scotland's sole voice on the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee, has welcomed the move by Lithuania to use new European Union rules to stop the growing of genetically modified (GM) crops.
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  • Catalunya is a nation and has the right to choose

    Next Sunday, the people of Catalunya go to the polls to choose their new government. However, this election will have further implications than merely a change in seats for Catalan political parties. Due to the intransigence of the Spanish state, this vote has been given the status of a proxy for a referendum on Catalan independence. First published in The Sunday Herald 20 September 2015
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  • 'Lipstick on the ISDS pig' - Alyn slams new TTIP secret courts system

    The European Commission has today presented its proposal for an 'Investment Court System' to replace the proposed Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism in ongoing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations.
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  • AGRI MEPs hear the CAP view from Scotland

    At yesterday's meeting of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee, MEPs from across the EU heard from Richard Lochhead on how the new Common Agricultural Policy is being implemented in Scotland, and what issues have come about due to the limited powers of the Scottish government and Scotland's unique agricultural environment.
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