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  • TTIP Update February 2016

    Welcome to my latest Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) update.The SNP MEPs (myself and Ian Hudghton) have set out clear red lines and we will not compromise upon them. The NHS and other public services must be clearly carved out, European standards must not be compromised and corporations must not be given any special rights to sue governments that pursue policies they disagree with.
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  • EU calls on Israel to stop home demolitions

    Israeli Government under pressure to reverse demolition orders and halt settlement expansion. The EU has slammed recent Israeli activity in the occupied West Bank, saying it threatened to undermine the viability of a future Palestinian state.  Alyn Smith MEP, SNP member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has strongly condemned last week's demolitions of Palestinian homes near the West Bank city of Hebron, some of which were constructed with EU funding. 
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  • Angry MEPs demand TTIP concessions

    Scottish Alyn Smith MEP has reacted angrily to reports of confidential free trade documents that show, at the request of the US authorities, that the European Commission wants all chicken carcasses to be cleaned with a chemical solution of peracetic acid as already takes place in the USA.
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  • European Parliament condemns death penalty in Bahrain

    Scottish MEP leads EU efforts calling for release of Mohammed Ramadan. Scottish member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Alyn Smith MEP, has led an urgency resolution on political detainee, Mohammed Ramadan, who is facing imminent execution in Bahrain. 
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  • Special status of islands highlighted by Euro Parliament

    SNP MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed today's vote by the European Parliament in Strasbourg which highlighted the specific features and handicaps faced by island regions.
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  • Celtic front united on UK EU Referendum

    "June referendum disrespectful, home nations must have EU say."   MEPs Alyn Smith, Martina Anderson and Jill Evans representing the SNP, Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru have today (Wednesday) intervened in a European Parliament debate on the EU proposals, which may form a basis for agreement to be presented by the UK Prime Minster in a referendum on EU membership.
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  • Alyn slams EU 'indecision by committee' as farmers face further waits

    Alyn Smith MEP has slammed the decision to create a new forum – the Agricultural Markets Task Force – to discuss supply chain issues as the latest in a long line of delays that farmers cannot afford.
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  • SNP MEPS push EU Commission for investigation into Google tax deal

    The SNP's Members of the European Parliament have today written to European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager repeating calls for a full EU investigation into the tax payment settlement between HMRC and Google UK.
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  • The EU will not criminalise 'Good Samaritans' in Greece

    In response to allegations in the Times this weekend, MEP Alyn Smith has written to the Editor to clarify that the European Union will not criminalise hypothetical holidaymakers who rescue migrants from a capsized boat. 
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  • The European Charlemagne Youth Prize deadline extended

    Scottish MEP Alyn Smith encourages young Scots to submit their projects for the 2016 European Charlemagne Youth Prize (ECYP), on EU development, integration and European identity, organised by the European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen.
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