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  • EU-US Trade Negotiations "Totally Blocked"

    SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith MEP has today (Tuesday) hailed the comments of French Trade Minister Matthias Fekl that the long running and controversial EU-US Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks are "totally blocked" as an important indicator of how the talks are going. TTIP is controversial across Europe, with a number of member states promoting the deal in the interests of free trade, but with concern over the possibility that public services could be threatened and regulatory standards weakened in the course of the talks.  The deal is being negotiated by the European Commission under delegated authority from the 28 member states, and will not come into force unless the member states agree and the package is approved by a majority of the Members of the European Parliament on behalf of the citizens of Europe.
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  • Belgian warning underlines no future for nuclear

    SNP MEP Alyn Smith has underlined the need for Scotland and Europe to phase out nuclear power and invest in clean, green and safe renewable energy sources in reaction to reports of proposed contingency plans by the Belgian Government against a potential nuclear accident.
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  • Caithness Broch Project highlighted in Europe

    The Caithness Broch Project has received a fundraising boost this week, with MEP Alyn Smith bringing the project directly to the European Commission to highlight their aim to build a full-size replica broch in Caithness.     Caithness Civic Leader Gail Ross, Kenneth McElroy of the Caithness Broch Project, and Alyn Smith MEP.
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  • Alyn takes action against microplastics

    They may have a cute name but microbeads are dangerous enough for President Obama to have banned them in rinse-off cosmetics in America.  Now MEP Alyn Smith is alerting Scotland's citizens to the dangers of the beauty industry’s favourite microplastic. 
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  • War is no excuse: Alyn Smith MEP demands Kurdish PYD ends child soldiers recruitment

    Alyn Smith MEP is joining the campaign to have the Kurdish PYD end the use of child soldiers in Syria, organised by the European Center for Kurdish Studies. Following detailed reports of human rights violations by the Kurdish PYD organisation in Syria, notably by Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, the Scottish member of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee argued that "war was no excuse" for such gross human rights violations.
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  • Time to tackle fake farm branding

    Alyn Smith MEP has challenged the European Commission to take on the rise of fictional farms as a brand tool, joining SNP Councillor Gail Ross in the fight to support farmers against supermarket chicanery. 
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  • Trade union giant releases legal opinion on EU referendum

    Alyn Smith MEP and the SNP’s Christina McKelvie have highlighted an independent legal opinion commissioned by the Trade Union Council (TUC) that lists the workers’ rights most at risk in the event of Brexit. 
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  • Moray Woolmill wins Europe's highest heritage honour

    A woolmill located in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands has beaten projects from all over Europe to win the highest honour in the heritage field, much to the delight of Alyn and local MSP Richard Lochhead. 
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  • Boost for campaigners against live exports for slaughter

    Campaigners against live exports for slaughter have received a huge boost as Scotland’s sole voice on the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, Alyn Smith MEP, gave his backing to their campaign.
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  • Agriculture industry can help politicians

    AGRI MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed a comprehensive new report for the North East Scotland Agriculture Advisory Group that makes wide-ranging recommendations for improving prospects in the area’s rural sector.
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