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  • As the UK loses all goodwill, it's important that Scotland projects a positive vision of itself to Europe

    Today, the anniversary of the EURef, it seems as good a time as any to reflect on what was a rollercoaster year. First published in The National, 23 June 2017
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  • Scotland in Europe update: 23rd June 2017

    The negotiations have begun. I wondered how I'd feel watching the Tory minister negotiating away our future. Now I know. Angry. Scotland deserves better than this, as does the UK as a whole. Once again, we've seen that Tory Prime Ministers prioritise their own party's stability over all else. It's painfully clear that the UK Government is woefully under-equipped to speak up for our country in global negotiations. This was revealed as the UK caved to every single EU demand on day one. The promise from David Davis that the debate over the sequencing of negotiations would be "row of the summer" never emerged as he stood in the EU Commission press room announcing that he would follow the outline produced by the EU.
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  • Scottish MEP reacts to day one of Brexit negotiations

    Alyn Smith SNP MEP has delivered the following statement following the first day of the Brexit negotiations in Brussels. "I wondered how I'd feel watching the Tory minister negotiating away our future. Now I know. Angry. Scotland deserves better than this, as does the UK as a whole. 
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  • Scotland in Europe Update 16th June 2017

    The UK Government has decided to begin the negotiations to leave the EU next week: These negotiations will begin without a plan, in fact, almost without a government since it does not seem likely that a deal with the DUP will be concluded beforehand. Theresa May and David Davis are simply out of their depth but clearly intend to carry on regardless. This is not sustainable. As the anniversary of the votes to remain within the EU, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and leave the EU, in England and Wales, looms, I think we are closer than ever to seeing that the circle cannot be squared and the penny has to drop.
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  • Accepting 'no deal rather than a bad deal' with the EU would be catastrophic for the UK

    Assuming you have not already voted by post, in two days you have a choice to make – who will best represent you in the Westminster Parliament during the most crucial period in politics in these islands since the Second World War. I hope you’ll vote SNP, and I’m going to outline who we’re up against and who might be deciding our futures if you don’t.  First published in The National, 6 June 2017
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  • Scotland in Europe update 2nd June 2017

    This week the EU quietly released two policy papers which lay out in great detail the EU 27’s stance on citizens’ rights and the financial settlement. The paper on essential principles on citizens' rights can be read here: and the paper on the essential principles on the financial settlement here: This includes a list of all the EU bodies for which the UK has some financial responsibility (including around 40 agencies). These show, once again the level of transparency that the EU is committed to. They also illustrate how well prepared the EU is for the negotiations ahead. The contrast to the UK’s ‘make it up as we go along’ stance could not be starker.  
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  • The world is a dark place. Look for the helpers.

    Whenever something awful happens, look for the people who run to help. All across the country, people will make up beds on their couches for strangers, shuttle injured folk to hospital when the ambulances are overstretched, and use social media to reunite children with frantic families. The world can be a cheerless, dark and frightening place, but you will always, always, always find people coming together to make it better.  First published in The National, 1 June 2017
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  • Scotland in Europe Update: 26th May 2017: Scotland in Europe Update: Flags fly half-mast for Manchester

      In a sad week, the outrage which took place in Manchester is almost beyond comprehension.  It goes without saying that our thoughts have been with the victims, their families and friends, and the emergency services.  Across the EU flags were lowered and people gathered to pay their respects and emphasise their solidarity:
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  • Scotland in Europe update 19th May 2017

    Sitting in Strasbourg this week debating the future of the EU negotiations whilst watching the UK General Election unfold was a surreal experience. The clock is ticking, we only have two years yet Theresa May has triggered Article 50 and then decided to waste precious time. It is a truly remarkable dereliction of duty. Obviously, Theresa May could have held the election before triggering Article 50. This would have given her the maximum time to negotiate but instead she is playing politics with people’s lives. Remember – whatever the Tory manifesto asserts – a no deal WTO scenario would be disastrous for Scotland and the UK.  
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  • We cannot trust the Tories to fight for our fishing communities and protect the seas

    THERE’S been much said in Scotland lately about fishing, and how, potentially, Brexitmight make the position of the fishing sector better. Tory politicians have even tried to pretend that if you’re pro-fishing you’re pro-Brexit, but this is just a typically cynical stunt and, sadly, the reality is far more complex. The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is, rightly, disliked by many people, and SNP MEPs from Winnie Ewing in 1979 to Ian Hudghton who currently sits on the Fisheries Committee, and myself, have called for it to be scrapped. But that does not mean leaving the EU, and MEPs have won significant reforms lately. First published in The National, 18 May 2017
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