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  • Scotland in Europe Update: 21st April 2017

    This week I have been in Taiwan, meeting the President and Ministers with an EU Foreign Affairs Committee delegation. Taiwan is looking to win more allies in the EU and although Taiwan’s most important relationship is with the USA they’re increasingly looking towards the EU as troubles in the region increase. The news reached me as I landed in Taipei that there was to be a UK general election. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, went as far as to suggest this is a Brexit as directed by Alfred Hitchcock - I see where he is coming from!
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  • "Keep our Citizens Safe" - European Parliament approves Brexit mandate

    SNP MEPs Ian Hudghton and Alyn Smith have today (Wednesday) voted, with heavy hearts, to approve a European Parliament negotiating mandate in response to the UK commencing the Article 50 process to leave the EU.  
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  • Don’t be distracted by the sound and fury around Brexit

    I’VE been doing politics a long time but I can’t recall navigating such an angry political environment. Some days it feels like the air is bubbling away with little pockets of fury. Even during the aftermath of the 2014 referendum, there was more hurt and less fury. But perhaps that’s because the 45 percent who voted for Scottish independence were still represented, via the Scottish Government, independent-leaning publications such as The National, and a sense that this energy would be focused into something more positive.  First published in The National, 5 April 2017
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  • Brexit is real-life politics that will hurt millions of people – but pro-EU rallies in Scotland are only the beginning

    WHEN your friend is on a drunken rampage, at what point do you step in? When they start being careless? When they’re going to hurt themselves? Or when they’re going to hurt someone else? First published in The Scottish Sun, 29 March 2017.
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  • European Parliament Recognises Scotland’s Remain Vote

    Alyn Smith, SNP Member of the European Parliament and Joan McAlpine, SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament have today welcomed the draft European Parliament resolution which will form the basis of the first official response to the triggering of Article 50 by the UK government.
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  • Another victory against the use of conflict minerals

    MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed the European Parliament’s formal approval of a regulation to stop the trade of conflict minerals.
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  • SNP Deliver "Not Proven" Verdict on CETA

    In favour of a deal, just not this one. The SNP Members of the European Parliament Ian Hudghton MEP and Alyn Smith MEP have today (Wednesday) voted against giving consent to the EU-Canada Trade Agreement, known as CETA.  The Agreement was nevertheless approved by a majority of the Parliament, by 408 votes to 254 with 33 abstentions.
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  • An independent Scotland at Europe's top table

    EUROPEAN stuff can be complicated and it is easy to get wrong, especially when there are a few folk actively seeking to misinform with a blizzard of half truths, errors, alternative facts and outright lies. First published in The Sunday Herald, 05 February 2017
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  • Scotland: A good news story for a troubled Europe

    Madam Vice-Rector, Professors, friends, good morning, or dzień dobry as I should say, and thank you for the invite back to my old college. It’s great to see how the place has gone from strength to strength since I studied here in 1995. We were the first year fully in Warsaw, and it was a time of great energy, excitement, and not a little upset for people. The Berlin Wall was still not long down, the initial euphoria of regaining freedom from the USSR had dissipated somewhat and the hard job of building a nation was underway.  I have very happy memories of my time here and hope you're enjoying your time as much.
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  • Alyn urges Scottish applications for EU animal welfare board

    In a move set to promote animal welfare throughout the EU, the European Commission has today (Tuesday) created a dedicated animal welfare platform. 
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