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  • Scotland in Europe update: 14th July 2017

    This has been a busy week in both Brussels and Westminster. Boris Johnson’s arrogant and ridiculous statement to the House of Commons that so far as honouring the UK’s financial commitments the EU could “Go whistle!” seems a long time ago. A few days later Michel Barnier’s rather dry response that: "I'm not hearing any whistling, just the clock ticking," seemed rather apt since by the end of the week the UK Government has conceded it will pay something. This reveals the process for the farce that it is. The worry is that it is too easy to just laugh at the madness and move on, but the dangers we face are far too serious for that. The Great Repeal Bill was published this week and is everything I feared it would be:
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  • The life of Simone Veil is a reminder of why the EU was brought into being

    In front of the European Parliament stands the Simone Veil Agora, a public space named after a true giant of European politics. Holocaust survivor, former president of the European Parliament and an utterly fearless champion of women’s rights – her passing a fortnight ago leaves Europe much poorer. First published in The National, 12 July 2017
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  • Assessment of the Brexit Steering Group on the UK Paper “Safeguarding the Position of EU citizens living in the UK and UK Nationals living in the EU”

    1. The European Parliament represents all citizens of the EU and will act to protect their interests throughout the whole process in line with its resolution of 5 April 2017.
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  • Be warned: if the cyber extremists win then all of Scotland loses

    The first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge one exists. I’m concerned about how politics and current affairs are discussed and debated online - worldwide and across the UK if it comes to it - but I think we need to do a few things differently in Scotland. The technological changes we’re currently going through in terms of how people access and process information about the world around us is unprecedented, similar only to the development of radio and TV mass media but much more powerful even than them. First published in The Sunday Herald, 9 July 2017 
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  • Scotland in Europe Update 7th July 2017

    Another week, another lie of the Leave campaign exposed for what it was. This time, it was the turn of the nonsense peddled about Turkey’s application to join the EU. My fellow MEPs and I passed a further report on Turkey’s application to join the EU. It re-stated our position to freeze all membership negotiations. For those of you interested, point 7 is the key line: “[The European Parliament] Recalls its position from November 2016 to freeze the accession process with Turkey;”  The full text is of the report is available here:
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  • We need to get the Brexit fantasists in check – and that includes Corbyn

    LAST week was, in some ways, quite a big week in the twists and turns of Brexit. The anniversary of the vote not long past, I was tickled to have so many folk wishing me a happy Sherkaleg day, the anniversary of my own speech in response to the vote. A year on, yet even after so much heartache we’re all barely further forward.  First published in The National, 5 July 2017
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  • The National Roadshow in Caithness: A community well aware of its history

    There's a tremendous sense of community in Caithness – not the kind of dusty, vague “community” that only exists in speeches and faded newsprint, but a tangible, breathing, vibrant community that looks around, rolls up its sleeves and does what needs to be done.  First published in The National, 30 June 2017
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  • Scottish MEP welcomes German equal marriage vote

    Commenting on today’s vote by German MPs to legalise same-sex marriage, Alyn Smith MEP, member of the European Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup said:
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  • Credit where it’s due – it’s EU that has ended mobile roaming charges

    ONE of the few good news stories to emerge from the UK’s decision to leave the EU is that people have started to engage with European politics in a more active way. I admit this is ironic but it means that for the first time people are aware of developments in the EU beyond that being covered by the major news outlets. First published in The National, 28 June 2017
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  • As the UK loses all goodwill, it's important that Scotland projects a positive vision of itself to Europe

    Today, the anniversary of the EURef, it seems as good a time as any to reflect on what was a rollercoaster year. First published in The National, 23 June 2017
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